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    • 送貨服務僅限於香港特別行政區境內,包括香港島、九龍及新界的工商及屋苑地址。東涌須附加運費 HK$100。

    • 如送貨地址位於市區內之偏遠地區,或未有公共交通工具直達之地方,須附加運費 HK$150。

    • 愉景灣、馬灣、機場、邊境禁區、離島不設送貨。

    • 送貨時間為星期一至五(公眾假期除外),中午 12 時至晚上 6 時。服務時間會因不同地區而有所不同,恕不能指定送貨日期及時間。

    • 送貨員會預先致電客人確認送貨安排。如未能聯絡客人,送貨服務將會自動取消。

    • 收貨地址之街道必須容許貨車停泊。

    • 若送貨之貨車(5.5公噸或以上)不能直達樓宇大門而需要推運貨品,或樓宇沒有升降機或所購貨品不能或不獲進入升降機而需要由樓梯搬運上樓,客戶均需繳交額外費用。

    • 樓梯費:室內樓層上樓費按每層計算,樓宇外的樓梯 7 級為 1 層(室內 1-2 級樓梯豁免收費),10 KG 以下首 1 至 8 層每件每層 $100,第 9 層或以上每件每層 $200。10 KG 以上首 1 至 8 層每件每層 $200,第 9 層或以上每件每層 $400。

    • 推路費(只限鄉郊村屋):首 10 米免費,以後每 50 米收費 $500(平路)或 $800(斜路)。

    • 如已電話確認送貨安排,但貨物到門而未能接收,需再次安排送貨的話,需另收費。

    • 如惡劣天氣情況,如雷雨、八號颱風懸掛或黑色暴雨警開始生效,或因天氣影響引致船隻停航、嚴重水浸或道路阻塞或封閉,送貨服務將會暫停。送貨時間將另作安排而不需額外收費。

    • 所有附加費用將由運輸人員於送貨時收取,客戶須以現金支付,不設收據。


Delivery Service Terms and Condition

  • Delivery service is limited to the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, including commercial and residential addresses in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. There is an additional delivery fee of HK$100 for Tung Chung.
  • For delivery addresses located in remote areas within the city or places not directly accessible by public ransportation, an additional delivery fee of HK$150 applies.
  • Delivery is not available to Discovery Bay, Ma Wan, the Airport, border restricted areas, or outlying islands.
  • Delivery hours are from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Service hours may vary by different areas, and specific delivery dates and times cannot be designated.
  • Delivery personnel will make a prior phone call to confirm delivery arrangements with the customer. If unable to reach the customer, the delivery service will be automatically canceled.
  • The street of the delivery address must allow parking for the delivery truck.
  • If the delivery truck (5.5 tons or above) cannot directly reach the building entrance and requires manual handling of goods, or if there is no elevator in the building, or if the purchased goods cannot or are not allowed to be transported via the elevator and need to be carried up the stairs, additional charges will apply.
  • Staircase fee: Indoor floor upstairs fee is calculated per floor, and outdoor staircase every 7 steps count as 1 floor (Indoor stairs of 1-2 steps exempt from charges). For items weighing less than 10 KG, HK$100 per item per floor for the first 1 to 8 floors, and HK$200 per item per floor for the 9th floor or above. For items weighing 10 KG or more, HK$200 per item per floor for the first 1 to 8 floors, and HK$400 per item per floor for the 9th floor or above.
  • Pushing fee (applicable only to village houses in rural areas): The first 10 meters are free, and thereafter, HK$500 (flat terrain) or HK$800 (sloped terrain) will be charged per 50 meters.
  • If delivery arrangements have been confirmed by phone but the goods are not received at the door, and a re-delivery is requested, additional charges will apply.
  • In the event of adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms, the hoisting of Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above, or the issuance of Black Rainstorm Warning, or if delivery service is affected due to weather conditions leading to ship suspension, severe flooding, or road blockage or closure, the delivery service will be temporarily suspended. Delivery timing will be rescheduled at no additional charge.
  • All additional charges will be collected by the delivery personnel upon delivery, and customers are required to pay in cash without issuance of a receipt.

Last update : 2024/03/22